Guest Policy

B&B Savoia provides a traditional Bed and Breakfast hospitality service in Roma, as per hereafter policies.
Definition of Guest
The term "Guest" is defined as any person occupying or intending to occupy a unit at the B&B SAVOIA . The term B&B SAVOIA as used herein refers to the Bed and Breakfast SAVOIA location in Roma, Via Savoia 72 - website or the shorter alias .
By placing a reservation, a guest expressly agrees to and accepts all of B&B SAVOIA policies.
Reservations are accepted by the B&B SAVOIA e-commerce available at, finalized by Guest with a e-payment transaction as deposit. Balance will be made at the arrival by cash. Bank transfer to be received before check-in is also accepted. Reservations must be reconfirmed by the B&B SAVOIA. This makes Reservations completed.
B&B SAVOIA provides Guests with 3 payment channels:, available for reservation deposit;
Bank Transfer, available for deposit or balance, to be received before check-in;
Cash, available for balance to be paid at the arrival.

Cancellation Policy
B&B SAVOIA grants guest Reservations with a 15 days cancellation policy. Every confirmed reservations cancelled at least 15 days before the arrival (defined as h14:00 local time day prior) will be refund.
As standard Bed and Breakfast, there no receptionist at the B&B Savoia. Check-in is anytime from 09:00 till 17:00, to be agreed in advance. As extra confirm, a same-day "hello" message to the staff will safe from misunderstanding.
Later than 17:00, the "Late check-in" option has to be added to the order.
Guest will check-in at at the B&B SAVOIA, providing valid ID document, as requested by local law. Check-out is h10:30 in the morning. Guest shall be responsible for unit, KEYS and its contents during their stay and upon departure.
B&B SAVOIA will make every effort to personalise our guests' stays if provided details at time of reservation.
Children and Adults
Children/Adults under 18 years of age are prohibited from making a reservation, or occupying a unit without an adult chaperone. B&B SAVOIA is a children-friendly bed and breakfast. For youngers, cribs are complimentary. Please get in touch with us to set up for the best welcome to your children
Lost & Found
We do every effort in helping Guests and don't leave items behind, but known from our own traveling experience, it does happen. If you feel you forgot something at the B&B Savoia, get in touch with us. It may be in our lost and found box.
B&B SAVOIA is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the B&B. Should it be determined that smoking has taken place in a guestroom, B&B SAVOIA - in order to even protect other guests and the Bed and breakfast itself - will notify local police station for risk. A 80.00€ cleaning fee will also be charged.
We expect on occasion you may want to bring your cat/dog on vacation with you. We appreciate your discussing this with us ahead of time as we only have one room available to guests traveling with their four-legged friends. There is a 20.00€ fee for pets in our room. It's never allowed to leave your pet alone without your surveillance into the B&B.
B&B SAVOIA collects name, email, phone number to respond and manage to your reservation requests. We may use these emails to inform you of monthly specials through our monthly newsletter. We do not sell or share information we have gathered about our guests with any other company or person for any purpose.
Tax, Fee & Service
As required by law, a 3.5€ city tax, per night, per person, up to 10 nights, is due from guests for staying in Rome. This tax will be collected by the B&B and then forwarded to the Roma Council. City tax payment is supposed to be done by cash.
Hot water
Hot water is provided at the temperature of 39° [102.2 Fahrenheit]. It is proven this temperature it is accepted by most of our Guest. We are able to rise up the temperature at 46° [114.8] for a extra charge of 4€/day/person. We encourage you to get conformable with 39° hot water, though.


Due to our Ecological Footprint Policy, where no limit by law overrules, we grant your room will come with a 20°-sh comfort temperature Environment, from October 1st til March 31th, Mon-Sun, h 18:00-09:00.
We are able to rise up the temperature at 26° for a extra charge of 8€/day/room. We encourage you to get conformable with standard 20°-sh hot water, though.

Use of Service

B&B Savoia provides the hospitaly bed and breakfast service, following local Law specifications, eventually improved by extra services and features, in order to give to Guests a better Experience. Altogether is "B&B Savoia Service".
B&B SAVOIA requires quiet hours on premises between night time h22:00 and h08:00. Occupancy and use of premises shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors. Management is the sole judge of acceptable noise levels/conduct and may at its discretion terminate this contract and ask the guest to vacate the premises with no refund.
Guest agrees that the premises will be occupied by no more than the number of persons stated in the original reservation. The maximum numbers of guests are set per federal fair housing rules. Our standards are as follows: maximum of two persons in a one bedroom unit, four persons in a two bedroom, and six in a three bedroom location.
Additional guests ADDED TO THE OCCUPANCY will be assessed an incidental fee of $100 per day per guest.
Guest agrees not to alter, rearrange or remove any furnishings inside or out, without management consent.
B&B SAVOIA has a thorough inspection policy, both prior to your arrival and on your departure to ensure that all units are in good condition and that the guest will not be inadvertently held responsible for missing or broken items. Each unit has been provided with accessories, linens and house wares and reflect the taste of the owner. EXCESSIVE DAMAGE (above normal wear tear) to any of the provided items can be charged to the guests. This includes but is not limited to towels, bedding and furniture. Damages to the unit or its contents are subject to a 15% replacement fee; in addition to the item cost.
The guest must contact the Staff with any broken or missing items on arrival. Every attempt will be made to replace these items however the B&B SAVOIA will not issue refunds or be held liable for any injury. Guest shall inspect and be familiar with the proper use and application of items provided in unit, prior to using them.
Guests will exit premises in the same condition that it was found at the entrance, without DEBRIS and in an UNDAMAGED CONDITION. Trash removal fee up to $100, extensive cleaning to $200 and/or carpet stains beyond normal wear-fee to $500

Ecological Footprint
As B&B Savoia, in our everyday life, we give my best attection at the respect for our beloved and suffering mother Earth. When is about energy and packing consuming, activities are focused in order to keep our ecologic footprint sustinable. Thanks for supporting us. If you feel your staying with us requires consumption above our standard, please get in touch. Always happy to help you.
Compliance with the Rules of the House
If the guest does not observe the rules, the residence agreement is void and the guest is obliged to leave the B&B instantly.
Please contact us if we can assist with guest questions. For online reservation visit