Jogging Rome in the B&B Savoia Area

Jogging Rome

Bed and Breakfast Savoia is surrounded by parks.

Villa Borghese
Villa Torlonia
Villa Paganini
Villa Albani

While the last one is only available by booking, you can get to Villa Borghese in a very few minutes.
Villa Borghese has two jogging tracks, the longer in Piazza di Siena;
the myriad paths throughout the park  - perfect for running - will bring you to monumental places as Galleria Borghese, Pincio, Piazza di Siena Porta Pinciana
Villa Torlonia, off Via Nomentana, has a track set amidst tropical trees and paths lined with lush flowers.
You can get to Villa Torlonia from Bed and Breakfast Savoia walking down via Savoia, crossing Corso Trieste, just after the small and just remade Villa Paganini.
Very particular - inside Villa Torlonia - the Casina delle Civette, which hosts the  artistic painted glasses museum


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