Smallest Eco Footprint

Smallest footpriunt

We always try to liit our ecological footprint, from years now.

This is how we try:


  • we don't use single use products
  • we apply daylight save energy
  • we limit use of chemical products
  • we don't use AC
  • we do inside washing up


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No data business, no ads, no fees.

This reservation system is owned by B&B Savoia itself. Your advantages in this are:

  • More privacy. We don't trade your data.
  • Cleaner experience. Did you notice there's no extra Ads anywhere here? Can you feel how relaxing is it? We only give you what you really need. 
  • More value. You are directly buying from the owner. No one in the middle charging more money than necessary :)

We believe having our own reservation platform is good for you and for us as well. Thanks for supporting this project.


This reservation platform is made of Bee Hotel