We are in the city centre of Rome

B&B Savoia - Rome

"Via Savoia" is a very calm street in the quartiere "Trieste/Parioli" residential area of Rome
Very close to Termini Station, historical center, museums , shopping centers and - as you may see from the side map - between the most beautiful parks of the town

In the Area you'll live as Roman. Just stroll around and to see people living, working, shopping, jogging, relaxing and spendind their life here.

If you're going for the most famous roman spots, jus take a look at the Transport Page. You'll see how to get to the most important places in the historical area in a a few minutes.

Note:Underground in Rome at only 2 lines at today(not enough). We suggest to move by bus. 10 minutes average to get there.



Come Ospite del B&B Savoia potrai servirti la mattina con la semplice colazione che ti offriamo nella cucina condivisa. Yogurt, piccola pasticceria, biscotti, caffè, tè, altri infusi.